Our Way of Operating
Our Way of Operating


The mission of Nurminen Logistics is to provide and produce high-quality logistics services that enhance our customers' competitiveness in Russia, its neighbouring countries and Finland.


The objective of Nurminen Logistics is to be the most reliable and highquality provider of rail transport and a significant provider of logistics project services and solutions in Russia, its neighbouring countries and Finland. 


The strategy of Nurminen Logistics is to grow in the developing transport markets of Russia and its neighbouring countries both organically and through investments and acquisitions. The company's extensive experience in the Russian logistics market and own modern fleet of rolling stock play a key role in the implementation of this strategy.

Strategic objectives

1. New, significant accounts in Russia

  • Taking advantage of the rapidly growing and liberalising Russian rail transport market. Total market size EUR 25 billion, of which Nurminen's key target market of covered wagon transport represents EUR 2.5 billion.
  • Strengthening the company's market-leading position in railway exports from Finland to Russia and its neighbouring countries.

2. Growth through selected acquisitions and projects.

  • Focused investments and acquisitions in growing markets and segments.
  • Developing service consepts that create synergies for the company and added value for customers.

3. Improving profitability

  • Internationalisation and growing profitable business operations.
  • Developing operational productivity and efficiency.

Competive advantages that support strategy implementation

  • High service quality, reliability and flexibility.
  • Strong expertise in logistics between Finland and Russia and within Russian and its neighbouring countries.
  • Customer service on par with Western standards.
  • Modern, company-owned fleet and wide partner network.

Long-term financial objectives

1. Growth: Growing at a faster rate the the market, on average over 15% per year. Over 50% of net sales from the growth markets of Russia and the other CIS countries.

2. Profitability: The company will improve its profitability, reaching an operating profit margin of 10% and return on equity of 20%.

Our Values

  • Develop and improve – for the benefit of the customer
  • Trust and be trustworthy
  • Operate profitably
  • Entrepreneurship means responsibility.