Coil-Tainer Ltd

Coil-Tainer Ltd

Established in 1998, Coil-Tainer Limited is an American based company that has revolutionised transport by sea of large and heavy steel coils. The company invented purpose-made pallets that speed up the loading and unloading of steel coils into and out of shipping containers. Coil-Tainer’s pallets have not only made shipping of steel coils more efficient, they have also made it much more secure and damage free – up to 25 ton heavy steel coils remain fastened and intact on the pallets, whereas in the past shipping by sea may have caused relatively significant damage, regardless of time-consuming binding and support work

According to the client

Our pallets are designed to ship steel coils without any risk for damages, we want to make sure that same professional handling is guaranteed during the whole logistics chain of the transport, also during the coils being loaded on or removed from the pallets before and after shipping. We have not received a single complaint from coil recipients, which means the steel coils have turned up intact. Another reason Nurminen is an excellent partner is that it offers more than just unloading and transportation of products. The company has good storage facilities, and customs services are also available under the same roof. It isn’t always easy to find this sort of partner.

Dirk Van Landeghem
Sales and Marketing Manager
Coil-Tainer Ltd

According to Nurminen

Once the container with the pallets arrives in Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki, Nurminen, after customs formalities being arranged, orders the transportation of the container from the container terminal to Nurminen's facilities in the logistics area outside the closed harbour area. There Nurminen unloads the pallets with the coils out of the container in the warehouse from where, depending on the Inco Terms agreed, Nurminen organises the transport of the coils using its special transport trailers to the customer's premises.

Mika Raunemo
Sales Manager
Nurminen Logistics