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Haesaerts Intermodal

Haesaerts Intermodal

Haesaerts Intermodal of Belgium transports products for the chemical industry in tanks across Europe. The company has been co-operating with Nurminen Logistics since June 2009. Tanks filled with phenol are delivered to Nurminen’s logistics centre in Vuosaari Harbour from Haesaerts Intermodal’s client in the chemical industry. Nurminen then loads the phenol tanks on dedicated railway wagons and transports them to two destinations in Russia.

According to the client

At Haesaerts Intermodal we appreciate the expertise and efficiency of Nurminen for rail transport to Russia. The combination of their own private railway wagon fleet and their local presence at the border and in Russia is of high value for us in building a strong supply chain for our customers in the chemical industry.

Luc Haesaerts
Haesaerts Intermodal

According to Nurminen

At the moment there are twenty Haesaerts Intermodal tanks that regularly pass through us. I prepare the waybills and export clearance documents and also correspond with Haesaerts Intermodal’s local client on certain matters related to documentation. When the tanks come back empty from Russia roughly one month after we have dispatched them, I forward them to Haesaerts Intermodal’s client for them to be refilled and then circulated through us again.

Miranda Kantanen
Nurminen Logistics