Sappi, a South Africa-based paper company, has entrusted Nurminen Logistics to provide its logistics services for the CIS countries. Key factors in Sappi’s decision to choose Nurminen were its experience and expertise, as well as Nurminen’s familiarity with the market and the type of products to be transported.

Sappi’s products are transported from the company’s Finnish mills to the Nurminen Logistics terminal in Luumäki, where the documentation, warehousing and transport planning work is handled. Thousands of tons of Sappi’s paper pass through the Luumäki terminal every month. The products leave Luumäki in railway wagons or trucks bound for Russia and other CIS countries.

According to the client

We can’t afford to fall behind our competitors – especially on the logistics front, where service is a differentiator of high importance. We have found that sourcing our entire logistics chain from one and the same efficient, reliable supplier has been the most sensible solution in our case.

John Demandt
Service & Development Manager
Sappi Logistics Wesel GmbH

According to Nurminen

In Sappi’s case things like fluctuations in paper volumes make overall management challenging, since it’s difficult to predict the required workforce and other resources accurately. Effective technical tools such as our warehousing, traffic and forwarding systems, which we’ve developed specifically to manage demanding projects as well as own rolling stock and highly skilled personnel, do make things easier, though.

Risto Holopainen
Nurminen Logistics