OOO Uralchem and Nurminen Logistics began their cooperation in summer 2012. Uralchem is Russia’s largest and the world’s second-largest manufacturer of ammonium nitrate and also the second-largest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilisers in Russia and the CIS countries. The company uses a broad range of rolling stock, from chemicals wagons to covered wagons, for transporting both raw materials and finished products. Some 95 per cent of the finished products are transported by rail to end customers or ports.

According to the client

We are pleased with our cooperation with Nurminen Logistics. As a customer, you always want to get the best possible service at the optimal price. We are fully satisfied with the current business relationship we have with Nurminen Logistics. Nurminen Logistics is a flexible and reliable provider of high-quality wagons for our use. We are confident that Nurminen Logistics will be a stable long-term partner for us. With this in mind, we are planning to increase our transport volumes for wagons provided by Nurminen Logistics. We are also looking to develop the cooperation further, for example in the area of container transport, and we are interested in using Nurminen Logistics’ services for return transport from Finland, for which we will use our own rolling stock.

Dmitriy Ryabov
Deputy Director
OOO Uralchem-Trans

According to Nurminen

We currently provide 20 covered wagons per month for Uralchem’s use. Uralchem is a very important customer for us and we can offer them high-quality service and rolling stock when they need it.

Dmitriy Lukshin
Sales Manager
Nurminen Logistics