China – Northern Europe Railway Connection
China – Northern Europe Railway Connection

Reach your market in 18 days

For many products, transit times make the difference between success and failure. If a product becomes outdated during transit or does not reach the market during peak demand, a significant portion of the value is lost. Anxious customers do not appreciate waiting.

Nurminen Logistics transports your cargo between Finland and China in just 18 days. Our weekly railway service runs between the cities of Hefei and Helsinki, reliably delivering your goods eastbound or westbound.

From your perspective, the connection operates under the same general principles as sea or air freight. Our crew will manage all the details on your behalf and guarantee regular weekly service in both directions.

Our service covers all aspects of the delivery, from door to door. We can also help you with forwarding, storage and packing, if needed. Containers are readily available at both ends and can be returned to multiple locations.

Our connection serves the whole of northern Europe. The regular feeder traffic will take your cargo anywhere in Scandinavia or other parts of Europe.

In China, Hefei is just 72 hours from coastal cities. If your inbound or outbound destination is in inland China, your benefit from reduced transit times is even more tangible. We will manage the feeder traffic for you in China as well.

Contact us today to learn more about the immediate benefits of the 18-day rail connection.

The service is especially suitable for:

  • Batches with medium or high value
  • Items which require or benefit from a short time-to-market
  • Products sensitive to arrival time
  • Companies benefitting from a regular service and guaranteed railway transportation quota
  • Forwarders looking for fast transport routes for their customers
  • Companies aiming at Chinese inland locations
  • Goods vulnerable to sea transport conditions
  • Companies looking at options for air freight

Transit between Helsinki-Hefei in just 18 days

Planned schedule in 2019

Train timetables

Service Announcement 19 June 2019: The next departure of EB train will take place on 28 June.

Additional information

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