Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy

The Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy located in North Karelia near Joensuu manufactures material handling machinery and harbour cranes. The machines in the company’s selection range in weight from 50 tons to over 200 tons. The machines are exported all around the world and Nurminen Logistics has provided Mantsinen with transportation services for several years. The machines are transported east via rail tracks and via roads to Europe, for example.

According to the client

We offer our products to our clients according to the turnkey principle, and we also want to purchase our own logistics services according to the same principle. For this reason, we favour suppliers who can offer us comprehensive services, all forms of transportation as well as documents related to the transports all from the same counter. I also appreciate that Nurminen has acquainted itself with our products. Even though each product is unique in its own way, long-term collaboration benefits us both in this regard.

Mikko Mantsinen, Transport Manager, Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy

According to Nurminen

Collaboration with Mantsinen is interesting because it is an innovative company that tailors the machines it manufactures according to each client's needs. For this reason, we as well have to plan our transportation methods and equipment to correspond to each machine. Nurminen’s versatile equipment both on rail and road plays a crucial role here.

Sakari Leppiaho, Key Account Manager, Nurminen Logistics Plc