Metsäliitto Group

Forest industry group Metsäliitto has continuous access to 162 of Nurminen Logistics' woodchip and stanchion wagons. The wagons are used to transport woodchips and round wood from Russia to the Group's Finnish production facilities and also in domestic transport in Russia. Metsäliitto first began using wagons owned by Nurminen Logistics in 2002.

According to the client

Our wagon needs are permanent and we can estimate the capacity needed well in advance, so it makes sense to operate in partnership with Nurminen Logistics on this front. Our experience with our partnership with Nurminen Logistics is one characterised by professionalism and reliability. We have been particularly satisfied with the expertise and knowledge of Russian rail traffic possessed by Nurminen Logistics' Russian subsidiary.

Alexander Zalessky, Managing Director, St. Petersburg

According to Nurminen

Metsäliitto's needs with regards to wood transport changed recently as a result of an increase in customs duties levied on wood from Russia: importing round wood to Finland decreased, but the need for importing woodchips increased. The changes meant that Metsäliitto had too many stanchion wagons intended for wood transport at its disposal and Nurminen Logistics suggested that some of them could be upgraded to woodchips wagons. Upgrading the wagons was a very welcome proposal from Metsäliitto's perspective. We carried out the project within the agreed schedule and the quality of the upgraded wagons was good. Nurminen wanted to react to the changes in the client's market and develop operations in response to them.

Risto Miettinen, Senior Vice President, Nurminen Logistics