Logistics you only dare to dream of

We build supply chain solutions of the future, where efficiency and responsibility are joined. We are known for reliable deliveries and first-class customer experience on tires, waves and tracks. We cherish your goods like our own and do the impossible – like a container train to China in just 18 days.

China-Northern Europe railway connection

We connect Europe and Asia

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Upcoming departures

HEL 18.09.2020 HEF 03.10.2020
HEL 23.09.2020 HEF 09.10.2020
HEL 30.09.2020 HEF 16.10.2020
HEF 18.09.2020 HEL 04.10.2020
HEF 25.09.2020 HEL 10.10.2020
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Historian kuvaa Nurmisen varastolta

Nurminen Logistics Oyj by numbers

Professional logistics in three centuries

200 Nurminen people
1886 year founded
100 000 terminal square metres in Finland