Related Information

6 March 2020
at 1 p.m.   (EET)

The Financial Statement Release

6 March 2020
at 1 p.m.   (EET)

The Annual Report


6 April 2020

Annual General Meeting

Shareholder's proposals to the Board of Directors for matters

to be included in the Annual General Meeting agenda

are to be sent to Nurminen Logistics Plc / AGM,

Satamakaari 24, 00980 Helsinki by 17 February 2020.

7 August 2020 
at 1 p.m.     

Half-yearly Report for January-June


Silent Period

Nurminen Logistics Plc applies a four week silent period preceding the publication date of the annual or interim report. During this time the company’s representatives do not meet investors or analysts, or comment on the company’s financial position.