The US-based AGCO Group is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Nurminen Logistics is a trusted logistics partner of Valtra, a subsidiary of the AGCO Group, when it comes to different projects since 2010. In its terminal in Vuosaari, Nurminen Logistics containerizes tractors that come by rail from the Valtra factory in Suolahti. From the terminal tractors are shipped to their destination countries. In June this year Nurminen shipped 48 tractors from Dalian, China to Kotka. After further processing in few different locations in Finland, tractors will be shipped to their destinations, mainly to Russia. In June Nurminen Logistics also handled the forwarding and transport of 20 tractors from Dalian to Durban in South Africa.

According to the client

I am very satisfied with Nurminen Logistics’ services. The approach to containerization work has been flexible and professional even when schedules are tight. In addition to transport solutions, Nurminen Logistics has a great deal of expertise in global customs services.

Sami Pulli
Dealer Central Manager
Valtra/AGCO Group