Metsä Board

Metsä Board

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of folding boxboards and white linerboards made from fresh fibres. Its lightweight paperboards are developed as the perfect fit for consumer goods, retail-ready and food service packaging. The pure fresh fibres Metsä Board uses are a renewable resource, traceable to origin in northern forests. Metsä Board products are widely sold all around the world. Because Metsä Board has production facilities in Finland, supply chain management is an important part of its business operations. Nurminen Logistics has indeed provided Metsä Board with services at its many locations for several years. At Vuosaari logistics centre Nurminen provides intermediate storage and containerisation services for Metsä Board paperboard travelling by ship all over the world. Metsä Board’s products reach the logistics centre mainly by train, but road transport is used as well. Nurminen stores the products at railway terminals for the time period required by the customer, and subsequently containerises them so they can be loaded on the ship.

According to the client

Before we started using Nurminen Logistics’ services in Vuosaari we charted out the situation thoroughly: our options included all Finnish harbours and a couple of inland containerisation locations. There were two reasons we chose Vuosaari and Nurminen Logistics: the availability of containers and the price of the services. Furthermore, other factors in favour of Nurminen Logistics were previous experience and our trust in them. Nurminen has also proven to be worthy of our trust. Work has been organised well at the Vuosaari logistics centre, and the entire personnel see to it that matters requiring attention are dealt with in a reliable manner through to the end, regardless of their level in the organisation.

Anna-Leena Grönqvist
Metsä Board

According to Nurminen

We strive to serve Metsä Board with as much flexibility as possible according to their needs, whatever they may be at any given time. The railway terminal at our Vuosaari logistics centre, with its blind track, is a perfect match for precisely this type of client, so the services can be carried out effortlessly thanks to our terminal and skilled personnel.

Risto Holopainen
Vice President
Nurminen Logistics