Metsä Tissue

Metsä Tissue

Metsä Group is an internationally operating Finnish forestry group. In 2017, Nurminen started co-operation with Metsä Group’s Metsä Tissue, a company that produces tissue papers and baking and cooking papers. Metsä Tissue’s products are transported by rail from the tradition-filled factory in Mänttä to Nurminen’s logistics centre in Vuosaari, where the products are loaded onto sea containers and the necessary export documentation is drawn up. The products travel from Vuosaari on container ships all around the world.

Case facts:

  • Metsä Tissue is one of the leading tissue providers for households and institutes in Europe and the world leader in providing baking and cooking papers. Metsä Tissue’s factory at Mänttä produces WC and kitchen paper, paper hand towels, handkerchiefs, industrial paper towels and baking and cooking papers.
  • The factory was established in 1868. The factory’s paper production capacity is around 120,000 tonnes a year.
  • In 2017, Nurminen Logistics processed more than 175,000 tonnes of Metsä Group’s products at its Vuosaari terminal, which corresponds to around 8,500 40-feet sea containers.

According to the client

We knew from experience that the Vuosaari Harbour and the Nurminen terminal are an excellent fit for shipping our products to our global clientele.

Seija Piispanen
Distribution and Logistics Manager FIBA
Metsä Tissue

According to Nurminen

Nurminen’s personnel has strong expertise in the processing, forwarding and other logistics operations of Metsä Group’s products, so the start of the co-operation was very smooth. Some Metsä Tissue products require recipient-specific special supports in loading the containers, loading rolls onto pallets and other added value services.

Risto Holopainen
Vice President
Nurminen Logistics