Outotec is the world’s leading supplier of minerals processing technology. In 2012 Outotec and Nurminen Logistics continued their partnership with the delivery of a concentrating plant to Chelyabinsk in the southern Ural region of Russia. Process equipment from different parts of the world was consolidated at Nurminen Logistics’ Hamina terminal, from which they were transported to Russia by both rail and road. The operations in Hamina involved logistics services of significant added value: intermediate storage, lashing, labelling, loading, export forwarding and the processing of transport documentation.

According to the client

Our partnership with Nurminen Logistics has produced excellent results despite the tight schedules and the challenging dimensions and large quantities of the containers being transported. Nurminen Logistics has provided us with flexible capacity for road and rail transport. With specifically assigned persons in charge of the project, everything has gone very smoothly. All in all, we can say that Nurminen Logistics’ handling of the project has been nothing but active and professional.

Enni Karling
Logistics Manager