SGN Group/Sumeko Oy

SGN Group/Sumeko Oy

Sumeko Oy is Finland's largest importer of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Its product range also includes snowmobiles, ATVs, outboard motors and jet skis. Nurminen Logistics provides handling, storage and customs clearance services for equipment imported by Sumeko. The products are subsequently sold on the Finnish market or transported from Finland to Russia. Nurminen Logistics provides its services for Sumeko at the Vuosaari Logistics Centre in Vuosaari Harbour. The partnership between the two companies can be traced back to customs clearance services provided in the 1990s. Nurminen has also provided terminal services for Sumeko for several years.

According to the client

Throughout our long term partnership, Nurminen's highly professional people have provided quality service to us, which in turn has helped us serve our customers better.

Ari Taavitsainen
Logistics Manager
SGN Group

According to Nurminen

We take delivery of Sumeko products in containers off cargo ships at Vuosaari Harbour as well as trailer trucks from elsewhere. We process the goods, i.e. remove them from containers, for instance, for warehousing at the Vuosaari logistics centre. When Sumeko's customer wants to order products for sale, Sumeko communicates the order details to us and we put the shipment together. We then place an order for the required transport with Sumeko's other logistics partner and prepare the consignment notes. Some retailers may even pick up small orders themselves. We also provide customs clearance services for Sumeko for all of their products imported from different parts of the world, not only the ones for which we provide warehousing services.

Markku Lehti
Sales Manager
Nurminen Logistics