Nurminen Logistics has been in partnership with Teboil for over three decades. Teboil imports low-sulphur diesel, basic oils for lubricants and liquid gas by rail to Finland from Russia and Nurminen Logistics handles the forwarding of these import products at its Vainikkala and Niirala offices. The cooperation with Teboil in Vainikkala can be traced back all the way to the 1980s, while in Niirala it has gone on for a couple of years.

According to the client

The most valuable aspects of the service provided to us by Nurminen Logistics are good communication and a high level of expertise. The customs and warehousing functions of the products we import involve certain special characteristics and our forwarder must know them intimately. Good relations with Finnish Customs are also crucial. We have never had a problem in terms of communication with Nurminen Logistics. Information is exchanged smoothly on a daily basis.

Anja Wahlman
Foreman for railway import operations

According to Nurminen

The significance of a reliable logistics partner is highlighted today more than ever with the increased focus on the security aspects of cross-border material flows. Finnish Customs has granted Nurminen Logistics AEOF status. It is granted to operators whose customs and logistics functions meet the requirements of AEO certification. Holders of AEO certification are subject to fewer physical and document-based inspections than other economic operators. They are also given priority when their shipments are selected for customs inspections, as well as the opportunity to conduct the inspection at the site most suitable for the company in question.

Harri Mustonen
Key Account Manager
Nurminen Logistics