From Satamakaari Helsinki Finland
To Krasnokamsk Russia

Equipment used

Flat Wagon 23-469-07
Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery

Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery

Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery received an order in August 2008 for the delivery of an entire paper machine line to the Kama paper mill in Russia. Transporting over 126 containers was a massive project, the successful completion of which was made easier by a reliable and experienced logistics partner.

All of Vaahto´s and subcontractor´s containers were collected at Nurminen Logistics´ terminals to await shipment to Russia. The shipments were mainly handled at Nurminen´s Vuosaari logistics centre, but a number of them also left from the Hamina location. Ten oversized loads were transported from Vainikkala. All of the shipments were transported to Russia by rail.

According to the client

The shipping time had to be shortened by three weeks at the request of the end customer. Instead of the first containers leaving at the beginning of July, they left the last week of July. The deliveries couldn´t be drawn out any longer – everything had to be delivered according to the original schedule. This also meant changes to the export documents. Thankfully Nurminen was able to respond to this new situation as well, and we stayed well within schedule.

Mikko Hiltunen
Logistics Coordinator
Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery

According to Nurminen

When there are altogether over 120 containers, as in this case, constant monitoring and intensive communication with the client are crucial factors. I myself took part in the project’s kick-off meeting, so the terminal personnel also knew right from the beginning how the project progressed. In the end, we finished our part of the project a couple of days early even though the schedule was unexpectedly tightened.

Leif Relander
Terminal Supervisor
Vuosaari Railway terminal
Nurminen Logistics