Corporate Responsibility

Nurminen Logistics’ social responsibility involves three intertwined elements: financial, social and environmental. The objective is to improve profitability, take good care of personnel and their skills and make operations more environmentally friendly.

Financial responsibility

One dimension of social responsibility is financial responsibility, meaning the Group’s profitability and its influence on stakeholders. Financial success makes it possible to take the Group’s stakeholders into account and develop operations so that they meet stakeholders’ expectations even better than before.

Nurminen Logisticsā€™ important stakeholders are the personnel, customers, owners, suppliers of goods and services, financers, external financers and the public sector.

Social responsibility

Nurminen Logistics assumes responsibility for its personnel and their well-being. Employee satisfaction with their work and working conditions is surveyed regularly. The employee satisfaction survey includes a manager assessment as well. The results drive actions to improve the working community. Employee satisfaction has steadily increased; satisfaction with managers and working conditions is especially high. 

Every permanent employee at Nurminen Logistics has an annual performance review with his/her manager. These reviews outline personal goals and areas of development. 

Core Competences of Nurminen Logistics

  • Market and customer orientation
  • Understanding of business
  • Performance and goal orientation
  • Management and interaction

Nurminen Locistics supports and rewards its personnel at work and at leisure.

Co-operation and occupational safety organisations work efficiently to reach common goals.

The company has an ISO 45001:2018 certified occupational health and safety system.

Environmental responsibility

Nurminen Logistics seeks environmentally friendly and efficient transport solutions as part of developing its services.  All the services provided by the company in Finland have a certified environmental management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Nurminen Logistics uses environmentally friendly hydroelectric power.