Nurmisen varastolla paperirullia kuljetuksessa

Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the company’s highest decision-making body. Its tasks and procedures are defined in the Finnish Companies Act and in company’s Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually by the end of June. Notices to General Meeting of Shareholders must be delivered to shareholders no earlier than three months and not later than three weeks before the General Meeting, however, no later than nine days before the record date for the Annual General Meeting meant in the Finnish Companies Act, by publishing the notice in a nation-wide newspaper chosen by the Board of Directors or alternatively by publishing the notice on the company’s website.Nurminen Logistics Plc also publishes its invitations to General Meetings as a stock exchange releases.

Decisions made by the Annual General Meeting include i.e. approving of the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements of the company, use of the profit and discharging the Board of Directors and the President and CEO from liability. Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting elects the members of the Board of Directors and the auditor and decides on their remuneration and compensation of their costs.

Shareholder Rights

A shareholder shall have the right to have a matter falling within the competence of the General Meeting dealt in the General Meeting, if the shareholder so demands in writing from the Board of Directors well in advance of the meeting so that the matter can be mentioned in the notice of the meeting in question. The demand shall always be deemed to be on time if the Board of Directors has been notified of the demand no later than four weeks before the notice is issued.

Shareholders who have been entered into the shareholder register eight working days before a General Meeting (General Meeting Record Date) have the right to attend that meeting. In addition, the holder of a nominee registered share may be notified for a temporary entry into the shareholder register so that the shareholder can attend that meeting, if the shareholder has the right, on basis of the shares, to be entered into the shareholder register on the General Meeting Record Date. The notification for a temporary entry shall be filed no later than on the date mentioned in the notice of the General Meeting, said date to be subsequent to the General Meeting Record Date. Changes in shareholdings occurring after the General Meeting Record Date shall not affect the right to attend the General Meeting or the voting rights of the shareholder.

A shareholder may participate in a General Meeting of Shareholders either in person or by proxy. A shareholder or his/her proxy may also employ the services of an assistant in a General Meeting of Shareholders. A shareholder may have several proxies, who represent the shareholder on the basis of shares held on different book-entry accounts.

A shareholder may participate in the General Meeting on condition of giving advance notice of participation to the company no later than on a date given in the notice of the meeting, not to be earlier than ten days before the meeting. A shareholder of nominee-registered shares is deemed to have given his/her advance notice of participation in case, if he/she has been temporarily entered in to the shareholder register in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act. If a shareholder participates in a General Meeting by means of several proxies, the advance notice of participation shall indicate the shares on the basis of which each of the proxies represents the shareholder.

General meetings