Nurminen Logistics leases its terminal and office properties in Luumäki to the international environmentally friendly energy production company

Nurminen Logistics leases its decommissioned terminal and office properties in Luumäki, South Karelia, to the international Energreen Group AG company, which is focused on environmentally friendly energy production and investment.

The annual lease agreement has approximately 0.3 million. EUR positive effect on Nurminen Logistics Plc’s cash flow and result. The lease agreement also includes a call option, which execution will have a positive effect on the result.

Energeen Group AG’s Finnish company, Green Company Oy, will start experimental operations at the Luumäki terminal, aiming to convert waste into energy. The production process does not generate CO2 or other emissions such as smoke, odor, or noise.  The business will employ dozens of people in the Luumäki area.