China – Northern Europe Railway Connection

Nurminen Logistics carries your cargo between Northern Europe and Asia reliably and environmentally friendly.  The regular connection runs reliably from Finland to China every week.

Train freight to China in 12 days

We transport your cargo by rail between Europe and China in both directions. Our regular, weekly service runs from Helsinki and Narvik to Chongqing and Jiaozhou. From Suzhou, Chongqing, and Jinan we have westbound trains. Via our Trans-Siberian route we can also transport your cargo to Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and back.

Regular service allows you to streamline your supply chain and increase flexibility to meet the needs of your customers.

The train is suitable for transporting all kinds of goods and we accept both full containers and general cargo.

Our reliable China Container Train, which gives our customers a competitive edge, already has more than 1000 regular customers in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Door-to-door deliveries

Rail transport is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea transport. Rail transport to China only takes 12–16 days, while the same journey by sea takes 45–60 days.

If you wish, we can also take care of the feeder traffic and door-to-door transport for you. From Chongqing, for example, your cargo will reach all the main ports in China in just three days.

Smooth and secure

We offer you comprehensive service from packaging to warehousing as well as forwarding to transit services. You should make a booking for the train in good time, but you can deliver the cargo to the trains departing from Finland until Monday of the departure week and to the trains departing from China until Wednesday of the departure week.

Once the train is loaded, the containers travel uninterrupted and intact all the way except for the Kazakhstan-China border, where the track gauge changes.

Thanks to a real-time tracking system, you can reliably track your shipment and train progress throughout the journey.

Reliable temperature-controlled transport

We also provide unique temperature-controlled rail transport from Helsinki and from Narvik via Helsinki to Chongqing and Jinan.

In addition to food, the containers can carry all products that require temperature-controlled conditions, such as chemicals or medicines. The train can carry fifty 40′ HC and 45′ reefer containers and the temperature can be adjusted between -25 and +25 degrees as needed.

A real-time monitoring system enables reliable temperature monitoring throughout the journey.

The smallest carbon footprint

Train freight is the most environment-friendly mode of transport: the CO2 emissions of a train, calculated by the standards, are up to 96% lower than air freight and 29% lower than sea freight, calculated on the Helsinki-Shanghai route.

By choosing rail freight as a mode of transport, you can take advantage of a smaller carbon footprint in your company’s operations and better meet growing eco-efficiency requirements.

Be a pioneer in green logistics and choose the train – with our CO2 calculator, you can calculate the carbon footprint of your transport.

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