Terminal Services

Let us tailor our services according to your needs! For Nurminen Logistics, terminal services and cargo handling mean much more than the mere act of transferring cargo between trucks, wagons and warehouses. Instead, we provide all the additional services you may need.

Terminals in the best locations, for every need

Our terminals are situated in logistically excellent locations in the ports of Vuosaari and Kotka as well as on the eastern border of Finland, near the most important border crossing points.

The location of our terminals next to ports and railway tracks guarantees our customers smooth shipping and major cost savings as cargo can be transferred directly from the ship or train to the terminal and vice versa. Time is saved as the transport distance is shorter. In addition, our customers avoid unnecessary container rental fees as the containers are immediately released in the port.

The Helsinki Vuosaari logistics centre (34,000 m2) has a railway terminal, a heavy goods handling hall and a flow-through terminal. 

The railway terminal has a 250 metre indoor railway track, a covered loading dock for vehicles and 23 hydraulic container loading platforms for moving and loading containers. In this terminal, we carry out industrial containerisation of export traffic.

In the heavy goods handling hall, we are able to take care of all our customers’ products, regardless of the size, weight or shape of the load. We handle all your oversized, heavy or challengingly shaped items without any problems. They can be lifted on flat rack maritime transport platforms in both Vuosaari and Kotka.

In the flow-through terminal, the goods move quickly and we store the cargo for you. We can handle everything, whether it’s small individual boxes that we palletise, if necessary, or shipments consisting of hundreds of pallets.

Our Kotka logistics centre is located in Mussalo (26,000 m2), the best location in the largest export and container port in Finland. In Kotka, our experienced and skilled personnel performs the containerisation of export traffic, the cargo handling in import traffic, delivery services as well as the transfer and intermediate storage of transit goods.

The Vainikkala terminal (8,000 m2) serves transportation at the Finnish-Russian border crossing post. In this modern covered terminal, we carry out truck, wagon and project-based loading. The terminal has two tracks and room for 20 carriages.

Warehousing of dangerous chemicals

Our logistics centre in Kotka has a unique chemical hall for the break-bulk-cargo warehousing of dangerous chemicals for our customers. The warehouse has the status of a safety clearance facility and has permits for large-scale storage and handling of chemicals. The warehouse has been SQAS-assessed (packed warehouse) by Cefic.

In addition to warehousing, we offer our customers additional value-added services, such as labelling, repackaging, sampling and comprehensive transportation.

Project logistics

In addition to terminal services, we also offer you project logistics services.

Nurminen provides all project services from one counter despite the transport method. Transports by sea, rail, and road can be arranged with high quality. Own offices in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic States provide efficient gateways to Russia and CIS. A trusted partner network ensures our versatile solutions also from other directions.

We take care of the whole package for you: transportation, the necessary documents and project management. Your project team will see to it that everything proceeds on schedule and you are constantly informed of the situation.  

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Joonas Louho

VP Cargo Operations

Timo Hyyryläinen

Business Manager, Terminal Operations in Kotka and Vainikkala